Kerr Fellows

2016 - 2017

Maedeh Agharazi is from Iran. She earned a B.A. in information systems engineering from the Multimedia University (MMU) in Tehran and an M.S. in e-learning technologies from Malaysia’s Multimedia University in Cyberjaya. Her husband, Ahmad Rahimi, a former Kerr Fellow, is a PhD candidate in Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies Education at FSU. Maedeh’s lifelong interest in different cultures and their educational systems has been intensified by her time in the United States. At FSU she is pursuing a Masters in Sociocultural and International Development Education Studies. Upon completion of her degree, she intends to return to Iran and to work on projects designed to increase and improve educational opportunities for girls.

Hubeyb Usame Gurdogan is from the Turkey. Before coming to United States he earned a B.S and a M.S. in mathematics at Bilkent University in Ankara. Subsequently, he earned a second Masters in mathematics at Syracuse University. He is currently a first year PhD student at FSU, specializing in financial mathematics. In addition to fulfilling his course requirements, Hubeyb is employed as a teaching assistant in his department. His principal research interest is applied probability theory and, specifically, stochastic models for predicting predict credit risk and the value of financial assets. He is a close observer of Turkey's financial market and economy. Upon completion of his PhD, Hubeyb, aspires to a university career and the chance to contribute to the economic development of his country.

Omar Ismail is from Bangladesh. He earned his Communication and Digital Media Studies from FSU in 2015. His undergraduate honors thesis was a case study of the adoption of a mobile-based decision support system among farmers in Bangladesh. As an undergraduate, Omar received a number of awards, including a Public Service Research Fellowship and the Bill and Eloise Mills Scholarship in Communication. He is currently pursuing a M.S in Information Technology in FSU’s School of Information. The focus of his graduate program is upon user-centered methods and techniques for enhancing the economic and social development of South Asian nations.

Shamsi Sanati Monfared is from Iran. She earned her B.S. at the University of Kharazmi and her M.S at Tehran Azad University, both in Physical Education and Sport Sciences. Before coming to FSU, she was a physical education instructor at the college level and a practicing sports psychologist. In the latter capacity, she worked for Iran’s National Olympic Committee and provided psychological counseling to athletes at both the 2006 and 2010 Asian Games. At FSU Shamsi is pursuing a Ph.D. in applied sports psychology with a concentration on the neuro-cognitive mechanisms related to expert performance. Her professional goal is to further identify and develop such mechanisms in order to improve achievement across a broad spectrum of human activity.

Darshna Rambhia is from India. She earned both a biology and an M.D. from Angeles University Foundation in the Philippines. As a medical student and intern in the Philippines, she frequently visited urban slums as well as poor rural communities to conduct health surveys and to provide care to those most in need of medical attention. Darshna continued such work upon her return to Mumbai as a practicing physician. It “crushed her heart” to witness the devastating toll that poverty, illiteracy, infant mortality, malaria and typhoid were taking on families for lack of basic education and sound sanitation habits. For this reason she has come to FSU to pursue a M.S. in public health. Upon the completion of her degree, Darshna intends to provide public health education as well as medical services to “any area of the world that expresses need.”

Omur Sahin is from Turkey. Following his graduation from Ankara University in 2005 with a B.S. in economics, he held administrative positions with a number of state organizations, notably: Turkey’s Ministry of Tourism and Culture and the State Planning Organization. In the latter position he worked with high level public sector managers and politicians on strategic management and leadership issues. He also attended several international meetings on behalf of the Turkish Government. Subsequently, Omur worked on the team that designed and implemented a numerous administrative reforms. Having accumulated over 11 years of professional experience, he enrolled in the Askew School’s Masters in Public Administration (MPA) last spring. Upon completion of his degree at FSU, Omur plans to return to Turkey and to continue working on government reform.